About us

The Palatine Piano Trio

Inés Voglar Belgique, violin

Nancy Ives, cello

Susan DeWitt Smith, piano.


The three of us, dear friends and colleagues in various ways, have been playing together for many years, always deeply enjoying our effortless musical chemistry as a group. The opportunity to record the piano trio works of Tomas Svoboda brought things in to focus and we decided to make it official. We needed a name, and took a cue from the academic affiliation we share — all three of us teach at Lewis & Clark College — and named ourselves after the address of the college on Palatine Hill Road.

One of the performances that forged our identity as a group is in this video from the 2014 Portland Piano International Summer Festival, wherein we performed Phantasy (at 13:30) and Passacaglia and Fugue (at 38:30) by Tomas Svoboda.